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Holistic Health Coach





What if you could transform how you feel one bite at a time?

I am here to show you how...

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I’m so happy you’re here, because it’s your time to step up and take care of your beautiful self and live a life focused-on nourishment, self-love, and feeling good inside & out.

My mission is to inspire you to love yourself more, to remind you that choosing your food, cooking, eating, sharing food, taking care of yourself, are all pure acts of love. When we are deeply connected to our own selves we see things differently, give more, expect less, and our personal relationships improve.

I’m here to support you to reclaim your health and happiness, to live your life and to make food choices on your own terms and based on your own dreams and goals.



Meet Viviana

From a grumpy fridge observer to thriving food and cooking advocate! My story is one of 180 transformation in my approach and attitude - if I can do it, you can do it too!



Freebies and favourites

Start today! Check out the free recipes I have created for you to create your own Kitchen of Love Experience. Who said it had to be hard?



Work with me

Nothing creates the transformation and change you want like the support and guidance of a trusted specialist. Working with me is the perfect way of ditching the diet and taking back your power when it comes to your food and lifestyle.

From tired and feeling like you have no time, to full of life and thriving.

I work with clients in two key ways: via one off sessions and my 8 week program. If you have any questions or bespoke requirements please contact me here.


One off sessions: Find your food philosophy

These sessions are designed to bring clarity, motivation and confidence to your relationship with food.

No more sleep walking. No more unconscious choices. It is never too late!


Transformation: The 8 week program

This is an 8-week journey of support and transformation to dive into how much food matters to your overall life; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection. To learn to know yourself to the core, your body, your triggers, obstacles, best food and routines. The magic will come from uncovering and removing the internal and external interference that prevents you from making the changes you already know you need to make.

This is an awakening step by step process that will set foundations and habits to create results which can last forever.


Contact Viviana

I am always happy to hear about the change and transformation you desire to make. Please get in touch with questions or if you require a bespoke program

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"My transformation: A healthy relationship with food"

- Soglad, Sydney