These one-off sessions are designed to bring clarity, motivation and confidence to your relationship with food.

No more sleep walking

No more unconscious choices

It is never too late!

My unique approach allows you to gain insight into your unique food and cooking needs so that it becomes easy and exciting to nourish yourself.

In this session, we will explore and identify your Food Philosophy so you activate change now and welcome in vitality and connection with your food and yourself.

What is a food philosophy?

Your food philosophy is a conscious statement that articulates what is most important to you and your own personal rules regarding the food and drink choices you make in your daily life.

It is used to empower you to create alignment between what you choose to eat and drink on a daily basis and the outcomes you want to have in relation to how you feel, perform, look and level of health you want to achieve.

Why is it important to find your food philosophy?

Having a clear food philosophy can help you to make better decisions, improve your discipline, motivate you to achieve your goals and improve your relationship with food. You have the opportunity to establish a new conscious set of values and rules for food and drink that empower you to act on a daily basis in a way that has a positive impact on your life - not just today but for the days to come.

What you’ll get out of this one-off session:

Clarity on what’s your food philosophy

Empowerment to take back your power and love yourself more

Self-confidence to move toward your health goals

Freedom from diets and blocks that hold you back

Inspiration to be your best, healthiest and happiest self