An 8-week one-on-one program to help you regain your balance, cook, eat and be healthy while living your REAL life.

My approach to healthy living is not about dieting, counting and burning calories every day. It’s about finding your own food principles that enable you to create your own version of a healthy lifestyle.

Is this program right for you?

This program has been specially created for people who are wanting to make a significant change in their lives and welcome in vitality.

Does this sound like you?

You are so ready to uncover the links between YOUR energy, mindset, food, exercise and sleep.

You want to embrace your version of a healthy life and find balance, connect with food, your body, yourself and others.

You want to understand how stress affects your health, how to transition from dieter to a mindful eater.

You are so determined to live fully, with love and joy, and you know everything in life comes with a little bit of effort and time.

If you are looking for a quick fix, love the endless cycle of diets and programs to lose weight, if you don’t want to change your habits, don’t want to make time and commit with yourself, then this is not for you.

How does it work?

This is an 8-week journey of support and transformation with weekly assignments and take-action challenges to keep you accountable, inspired and focused on your goals; all easy to complete on your own time.  

I’ve also created helpful menu plans, with ideas for full meals, breakfast, smoothies, snacks and side dishes, to support you during these weeks of change.

Set a time for a weekly video call catch-up. We’ll chat about our real lives, I’ll guide you through the exercises and we’ll talk about each week’s topic. I’ll be there for you to encourage and empower you to live more fully with love and joy.

Weekly topics

Week 1: Your starting point - food philosophy route map (Awareness, immersion and vision)

Week 2: Mindset makeover

Week 3: Emotions and your relationship with food (food cravings and emotional eating)

Week 4: Nourishing your body (Plan, cook and enjoy)

Week 5: Connect with your inner self - practicing meditation and gratitude

Week 6: Loving and respecting yourself more (move more, stress relief, better sleep and having more energy and vitality)

Week 7: Mindfulness (Live in the moment and fully enjoy what you eat, without guilt)

Week 8: Living your foodlosophy anywhere anytime inside out (putting it all together)

4 key areas of this food journey

  • Physical
  • Emotional       
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Sound good? How do you think you would benefit from completing this program? How would you feel after experiencing this transformation?

People that have completed this program with me have reported some of the following benefits:

  • Sustainable change: Healthier eating can become part of your normal everyday lifestyle, not just a New Year’s resolution.
  • Easy to implement: Maintain a healthier lifestyle without trying so hard by doing what is right for your lifestyle and tastes.
  • Reduced Stress:  Stress less, sleep better and have more energy, better moods and better skin.
  • Enjoy cooking:  Learn how to enjoy cooking in a way that will change your life, your body, your attitude & your happiness. It will give you back more time to focus on the things that really matter most in your life.
  • Weight loss: Some people have achieved their desired weight because of changing their old eating habits for new ones that align with their goals.

It’s my aim that by the end of this program you’ll have a set of skills, ideas, routines, rituals and your own food philosophy to live it every day, naturally and with ease.