Liliana V. L., Madrid, Spain.

My transformation: "Continue working towards my personal and professional goals without ignoring my physical, mental, and spiritual health."

I have gone through the 8-week program and I really experienced so many positive changes in my overall health and well-being during and after. Viviana provided useful methods, ideas and tangible plans to help me to change my old bad habits. It’s amazing how a couple of simple changes along with the right information made such a difference.

She is passionate, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable in her work. Someone who listened to me, her attitude was supportive, and her program was tailored to my lifestyle. We made a good team together and I personally felt I was progressing every week and that made me feel very motivated.

Thanks to the program and her support I have my food philosophy, and more than that it’s my life philosophy which has given me a lot of clarity and freedom. I cannot be more thankful for that.

I would recommend Viviana to anyone seeking a lifestyle change, big or small. Anyone who feels that they are out of touch with themselves and needs some guidance finding balance again. As a result of the program, my partner was very motivated to continue with our new healthier lifestyle. All the techniques were very useful for him especially during the completion of his thesis.

The benefits of the program are achievable in the short term and they are sustainable in the long term. The food philosophy is a holistic approach to food, it is not only about healthy food but cooking with love and integrating all aspects of our lives into it. Viviana guides you in the perfect direction for yourself and adapts to you. I’ve enjoyed, learned and most of all I’ve experienced a real transformation!

Diana G., Pereira, Col.

My transformation: "Be the best version of myself!"

One of my greatest achievements since commencing the program was to be able to acknowledge my achievements, my small wins, be grateful every day and not be so hard on myself. I was able to be present and enjoy each moment. Every week the program had such a great impact on my life.

I was in a process of healthy eating before starting the program, but it wasn’t until I started with Viviana that I understood that healthy eating is not a diet, it’s a way of life. She took me on a journey to discover a better way to eat and cook, with new recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious too.

Viviana is so easy to talk to and takes the time to understand with no judgment. She made me feel comfortable and I felt much happier after each session. She is a dedicated coach and wonderful friend, full of life and positive energy. Anyone will gain an abundance of positive life-changing habits and lessons from joining her program.  I highly recommend Viviana to anybody looking for things to improve in their life!

Paula P., Popayan, Col.

Mi transformation: "During the last 8 weeks I have felt AMAZING!"

As a result of the program, my health and wellbeing are so much better thanks to my new routines and practices. Viviana provided me with recipes and techniques to manage stress and be more in tune with myself.  She introduced us to a new way to think about food and what we eat.  While I was not really eating a lot of unhealthy food, she showed me how some simple diet changes, especially how a juice or smoothie in the morning and eating more whole foods, can really change how you feel all day. I love all the recipes she shared with me – they really inspired me to get into the kitchen. After working with Viviana for only a few weeks. I can already feel the difference. I have much more energy, my gut health has improved, and I cook my own meals every day.

I would recommend Viviana services and her program to anybody looking to feel better with their gut health or improve their overall health and well-being. This program will change the way that you think and feel about cooking.

Paula N., Santa Rosa de C., COL

My transformation: "Food philosophy, power, energy, health, and love."

Viviana and her program came into my life at the right time. Viviana’s approach was perfect, and the program is so well structured – she gives you all the tools and guidance to overcome the challenges of the week. I personally experienced positive results every week and I understood the importance of the food choices I made every day.

I’d recommend Viviana and her program to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing. I’d invite them to think outside the box and be open to rediscover themselves in a new, unconventional and truly honest manner.

Thank you so much for making me part of this wonderful experience.

Jaime P., Bogotá, Col.

My transformation: Living a happy and healthy life being 100% responsible for what I eat.

I have a busy schedule, so before Viviana’s program, I’d have chosen fast food regardless of the nutritional value. Today, after the program I’m more conscious of my food choices and every day is a new opportunity to feed my body with food that will allow me to perform and move through the day better.

Gladys, Sydney, AU

My transformation: A healthy relationship with food.

I hadn’t tried a program like this before, but Viviana’s program allowed me to re-evaluate my food journey. I loved it!! Viviana is kind, thoughtful and supportive. She has helped me to see eating in a positive, relaxed way.

I would highly recommend Viviana and her program to anyone who is looking to heal their relationship with food, and who wants to try a new and exciting approach to health.